6 Outlet, Triple USB-A Port, Wall Mounted Surge Protector

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• Surge protection up to 900 joules

• Protect devices and appliances from lightning storms, voltage spikes, and surges

• 6x surge-protected outlets 15A, 125VAC

• 3x USB-A ports; 6.3A, 5VDC total output

• USB ports illuminate when ambient light is insufficient

• Separate LED indicators to indicate surge protection

• Mounts onto a standard duplex receptacle

• Also mounts onto TOPGREENER mounting outlets. Part number TG215TRIC

• UL listed

6-Outlet Wall-Mount Surge Protector with 3 USB Ports: TGSP615P68A3-W

A quick and easy upgrade that will instantly give you convenience and peace of mind, TOPGREENER TGSP615P68A3 is a versatile six-outlet surge protector wall tap with AC power and USB connectivity. This product features six outlets rated 15A at 125VAC that provide surge protection up to 900 joules, along with three USB ports with IntelliChip technology that offer up to 6.3A charging power of 2.4A each. There’s also a blue LED guide light rated for 50,000 lamp hours for safety in the dark, controlled by an ambient daylight sensor, and a separate green status indicator light that shows you at-a-glance whether or not your devices are properly grounded.

Benefits and Specifications

Our six-outlet wall-mount surge protector measures 5.2 inches by 4.075 inches by 1.32 inches, making it a space-saving alternative to bulky power bars. Use it at home or in the office, in living rooms, kitchens, dens, or anywhere else that requires multiple outlets and device charging stations. This product installs easily in any duplex outlet a center screw provides secure fastening that won’t unplug when knocked or jostled.

This six-outlet wall mount surge protector is UL-listed and backed by a one-year TOPGREENER warranty. For detailed specifications or more information about potential applications, contact the customer service team at TOPGREENER today.

Technical Specifications

Type Surge Protector
Power Rating 15A 125VAC/50-60Hz Receptacles, 6.3A Total USB Ports Output, 900 Joules
Style 6-Outlet, 3 USB
Features LED Guide Light, Protected & Not Grounded Indicators
Compatibility Duplex Receptacle Outlets
Certifications UL Listed
Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 5.4 × 3.4 × 2.5 in

4 reviews for 6 Outlet, Triple USB-A Port, Wall Mounted Surge Protector

  1. Joshua Norris

    Absolutely love this! I have always hates those long power strips that get in the way of everything and belong no where! This is great, it mounts to the wall and turns my 2 plug socket into a 6 plug socket & 3 USB ports! I have this one behind my side table in my living room and am so happy with the purchase. I’ve had others and they always fall out of the socket. This one has a screw that screw into the socket panel to keep it from falling out.

  2. jean steffins

    perfect for my daycare. These are great, they are easy for adults to use, unlike the ones that turn and they are compatible with large head plugs like iphone chargers. They look much nicer than the old style ones for sure.

  3. Anon

    It does the job but for some reason the sockets are so tight you need to really force any plug in, it’s almost as though the flat pins are in the wrong order.

  4. Kaleb

    I really like the product, I just wish I could order it in black as well as white (same for the companion decora outlet)

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