In-Wall 7-Day Digital Programmable Timer Switch, Backlit – White


• Create up to 18 on/off programs in one-week period
• Connected loads automatically turn on and off based on set schedule
• Random mode enhances home security
• Press the cover to override timer and manually operate
• Blue backlit display
• 120VAC; Incandescent: 1200W; Motor: 1/2HP
• Wall plate included
• UL listed, single-pole only, neutral wire required

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HET01-W Seven-Day Digital Programmable In-Wall Timer Switch With Back-Lit Display

A programmable in-wall timer switch offers peace of mind and hands-free convenience. By making sure you never forget to turn out the lights, the Enerlites HET01 timer switch can save you money on your utility bills and reduce your carbon footprint. Here’s an overview of what this product has to offer:

HET01 Programmable Timer Light Switch
The Enerlites HET01 programmable timer switch is one of the best tools to program your in-home lights. The smart switch has a Prog button that sets 18 unique on/off settings for each day of the week, including the RND (random) feature to deter unwanted intruders. It’s easy to install and user-friendly. It is great for controlling interior, exterior, and seasonal lighting.

The HET01 is easy to program. The switch uses 4 indicators to set day, hour, programming mode, setting options an entire day, individually selected days of the week, or all 7 days of the week. The programmable timer is also suitable for ventilation fan lights, bathroom lights, outdoor irrigation systems, and indoor lights. It works with LED, CFL, and most types of light bulbs.

Smart Technology
Enerlite HET01 has an easy control interface. The smart switch has a user-friendly function with 7 buttons to program your energy use. HET01 turns your home into a smart home.

Anti-Theft Feature
The HET01 through the Prog button comes with 18 unique time settings to automatically turn your house light on and off. 18 settings for each day, 7 days of the week, 126 settings in a week.

Home Convenience
The HET01 will preset lighting based on anticipated use. Lights automatically turn on/off at the pre-programmed time to provide a hands-free experience and give you the convenience to enjoy other things in your home.

Potential Uses
The HET01 in-wall timer switch is a versatile product with many potential uses. Ideal for entry and exit ways as well as garages, they’re a great way to ensure lights shut off after you leave home. The Random feature, on the other hand, turns lights on and off periodically while you’re away to make it seem like you never left.

In the bedroom, use the HET01 programmable timer switch to shut off an air conditioner or humidifier after you fall asleep, reducing the waste involved in keeping these energy-hungry appliances running all night long.


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