In-Wall 7-Day Digital Programmable Timer Switch

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• Create up to 18 on/off programs in a one-week period

• Connected loads automatically turn on and off based on a set schedule

• Press the cover to override the timer and manually operate

• 120VAC; Incandescent: 1200W; Motor: 1/2HP

• UL listed, single-pole only, neutral wire required

In-Wall 7-Day Programmable Digital Timer Switch: HET01-C-W

Program your home lights with the HET01-C in-wall timer switch with 18 unique on and off scheduled times. Never again will you forget to turn off your lights, simply sit back and watch your lights turn on and off on their own during the programmed schedule. For indoor use, the digital timer light switch is great for your closet, bedroom, hallway, or bathroom lights. Set your garage door, ceiling fans, and other motors on a schedule to enjoy the convenience and energy savings of home automation.

For outdoor control, the digital timer switch can be programmed to control your outdoor sprinklers, outdoor lights, and porch lights (device installation needs to be indoors or outdoors within a weatherproof enclosure). Pre-schedule outdoor lighting to deter intruders for added safety while you’re away.


The programmable timer must be installed indoors and is great for controlling common area fixtures such as lights in entryways, hallways, porches, patios, and landscape lighting. It can also control motors such as a pond, fountain, and waterfall pumps.

Energy efficient

You can be sure that you are much more energy-efficient with the use of this advanced timer in your home. Works with LED, CFL, and most types of light bulbs.

Programmable Light Switch

Easy to program light switch with 3 buttons to customize your time, 1 button to program your lights. To use the Man buttons, close the door and use HET01-C as a manual light switch.

Anti-Theft Feature

The prog button comes with 18 unique time settings to automatically turn your house light on and off. 18 settings for each day, 7 days of the week, 126 settings in a week.

Home Convenience

The HET01-C will preset lighting based on anticipated use. Lights automatically turn on/off at the pre-programmed time to provide a hands-free experience and give you the convenience to enjoy other things in your home.

Pair with a standard or screwless wall plate.

Technical Specifications

Timer Style Digital LCD Screen
Power Rating Voltage: 120VAC, 60Hz, Resistive: 15Amp, 1800W
Settings 7-Day programming (up to 18 on and 18 off per week)
Motor 1/2HP
Special Features Built-in rechargeable battery
Wiring Single Pole or 3-Way, Neutral Wire Required
Compatibility Incandescent and halogen lights up to 500 watts, Tungsten 1200W, Ballast 1200VA
Certifications & Compliance Complies w/ California Title 24, UL Listed
Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 5.0 × 2.2 × 3.0 in


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