TOPGREENER Guide Light Wall Plate, Screwless Duplex Cover with LED Night Light



• Guide light duplex wall plate features a thin LED aimed downward to act as both a guiding light and a comforting night light for small children; perfect for dark hallways, stairways, restrooms, nurseries, or children’s bedrooms

• Energy-efficient LED is battery-free and requires very little power to operate compared to plug-in night lights; features a daylight sensor that automatically turns the LED on whenever the room is dark

• Screwless wall plate design is tamper-resistant and offers a sleek appearance; the screwless cover snaps on to hide screws for added child safety

• Easy replacement of any wall plate of the same configuration; mid-size dimensions: 4.88″ height x 3.11″ length

• LED output: 1W, color temperature: 3000K ; Polycarbonate Thermoplastic; 1-year warranty; ETL-listed

TOPGREENER Guide Light Wall Plate, Screwless Duplex Cover with LED Night Light

The TOPGREENER TGLSI21M screwless guide light wall plate is designed to replace the wall plate on a standard home receptacle. Unlike regular wall plates, this duplex-style outlet cover features a thin LED guide light at the base of its design. This emits a low light aimed downward to provide a guiding light without creating too much distraction.

The duplex wall plate draws power for the LED guide light directly from the outlet receptacle. There is no need to worry about changing batteries or light bulbs. Guide light wall plates make excellent night lights for children. They are the perfect addition to navigate dark hallways, restrooms, stairways, and more. At the mid-size of 4.88” x 3.11”, this 1-gang screwless wall plate is easy to install and will fit over any duplex receptacle to offer a seamless finish and an effective guide light. Mid-size wall plates cover a little more wall space than standard-size ones, which is perfect for covering up damage that may have happened during installation.

This screwless duplex wall plate is made from ultra-durable Polycarbonate Thermoplastic material for high levels of heat and impact resistance. The material gives the wall plate heat resistance over 100°F to ensure it does not melt or fade. It is virtually indestructible, making this guide light outlet cover perfect for residential and commercial applications alike.

The screwless design is child-safe and promotes a sleek aesthetic. The smooth, matte finish provides an attractive look and also makes the wall plate easy to clean. This wall plate is white in color, but guide light wall plates are also available in a variety of color options to ensure a match for any home decor. This product is ETL listed and includes a one-year warranty.

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer TOPGREENER
Material Polycarbonate Thermoplastic
Warranty 1 Year
Certifications & Compliance UL listed


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