TOPGREENER LED Guide Light Receptacle with Automatic Daylight Sensor

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• Provides lighting assistance in the dark when navigating hallways, bathrooms, staircases, children’s bedrooms, and nurseries; avoid disturbing the others’ sleep by using the included louvered lens

• Guide light operates automatically with photoelectric sensor; light levels are detected to turn the LED guide light ON when ambient light is low and OFF when ambient light is high

• Built-in energy-efficient LED bulb eliminates the need for routine replacement of light bulbs; lamp life rated 50,000 hours

• Decorator receptacle features tamper-resistant shutters to prevent unwanted objects from being inserted; complies with 2017 NEC Article 406.12

• White color; back & side wire installation; 15A, 125VAC; UL-listed; 1-year warranty; wall plate sold separately

TOPGREENER LED Guide Light Receptacle with Automatic Daylight Sensor

The TOPREENER TGL215TR is an upgraded version of a standard 15A wall outlet. It has tamper-resistant (TR) safety shutters and a built-in guide light. It provides a dim light to help with navigation. This is great to have in a dark hallway, stairway, or restroom.

The device also includes a daylight sensor that allows the LED guide light to operate automatically. The sensor detects light levels with precision. The guide light only turns on when the room is dark. The output from the LED is a low, dim, white light. It’s easy on the eyes yet bright enough to conveniently guide your way. It also includes two different lenses for minor brightness adjustments.

A guide light receptacle is a helpful addition to children’s bedrooms and nurseries. It provides a dim light that is comforting without being too bright. In addition, the receptacle is child-proof thanks to its tamper-resistant design. The internal TR shutters prevent foreign objects from being inserted into the outlets while still allowing for the insertion of proper plugs. This guide light decorator receptacle is made from unbreakable Polycarbonate Thermoplastic material. It is UL listed and has a one-year warranty. Pair with a standard or screwless wall plate.

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer TOPGREENER
Material Polycarbonate Thermoplastic
Warranty 1 Year
Certifications & Compliance UL listed


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