Revolutionize Your Charging Experience with TOPGREENER’s GaN USB Outlet

Revolutionize Your Charging Experience with TOPGREENER’s GaN USB Outlet

Are you tired of slow charging speeds and bulky adapters cluttering up your outlets? Say goodbye to these frustrations with the TOPGREENER TU215PD60AC, the ultimate solution for fast and convenient charging. Powered by cutting-edge gallium nitride (GaN) technology, this USB wall outlet is about to revolutionize the way you power up your devices.

Charging at the Speed of GaN

GaN technology isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a game-changer. By harnessing the power of gallium nitride, this USB outlet delivers lightning-fast charging speeds that leave traditional chargers in the dust. Whether you’re juicing up your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, you’ll enjoy up to 4 times faster charging thanks to the USB-C Power Delivery port. And don’t worry if your device isn’t PD compatible; the USB-A port ensures that all your gadgets charge at their fastest possible speed.

Safety First, Always

Your family’s safety is our top priority, which is why the TU215PD60AC features tamper-resistant outlets that prevent the insertion of foreign objects. With compliance to 2017 NEC Article 406.12, you can have peace of mind knowing that your children’s fingers won’t accidentally stumble upon any electrical hazards.

Slim Design, Big Power

Despite its compact size, this USB outlet packs a powerful punch. Designed to fit in standard junction boxes, it seamlessly replaces your existing wall outlet without any hassle. And with up to 60W of power delivered through the USB-C PD port, you can charge even the most demanding devices, from MacBooks to HP laptops, without the need for bulky adapters.

The USB outlet stands out among leading brands because the USB Type-C port maintains a full 60W, even when the USB Type-A port is simultaneously in use. Many competing brands distribute the power between the two ports, making it a slower charge.

Get Rid of Bulky Adaptors! 

This USB outlet is designed to streamline your charging experience by eliminating the need for bulky power adaptors. Manufacturers such as Apple no longer sell devices with charging power adaptors–having just the charging cable is becoming the norm. Topgreener’s convenient USB outlet ensures compatibility with all your devices without the need of an adaptor, making charging simpler and more efficient than ever. 

A Perfect Fit for Any Space

Whether it’s your home, office, or business, the TU215PD60AC is the perfect charging solution for any environment. From kitchen counters to office desks, this sleek white outlet blends seamlessly into any décor. Plus, with a range of colors available, you can choose the perfect match for your space.

Specifications at a Glance

  • GaN technology charging outlet with 1x USB-C Power Delivery port, 1x USB-A port, and duplex tamper-resistant receptacles
  • Slim body fits in standard junction boxes
  • USB-C PD port: 5V/9V/12V/15V/20V, 3A/3.3V-3A/20V
  • USB-A port: 5V/9V/12V/20V, 3A/3.6V-3A/20V
  • Receptacle rating: 15 Amp, 125VAC, 60Hz
  • Clamp-type wiring (#12-14 AWG copper wire only)
  • UL-listed
  • 1-year warranty

Upgrade Your Charging Game Today!

Say goodbye to slow charging speeds and hello to the future of power with the TOPGREENER TU215PD60AC GaN USB outlet. Experience the convenience of fast charging, the peace of mind of tamper-resistant outlets, and the sleek design that fits seamlessly into any space. Make the switch today and never look back!

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