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Spring DIY Projects on a Budget

The sun is shining, birds are chirping, and the change in season says it’s time for some long-awaited spring cleaning! Of course, the warm weather and long days are great for more than just cleaning. Spring is the perfect time of year to declutter your home, reorganize work areas, and make your life easier with some innovative DIY home projects. And there is no reason that those projects should break the bank! Not sure where to start? Check out these easy and affordable DIY ideas to give your home a spring break makeover! 

Bathroom Refresh

  • Get bath mats and shower curtains that can go in the washing machine. These simple pieces of bathroom decor can get dirty easily, but they’re not always so easily cleaned. Opt for cloth shower curtains and then you can simply toss them in with your weekly laundry!
  • Create more space for organization with behind-the-door towel hooks. If you rent your home and want to avoid drilling holes, you can buy easy-install towel racks that simply hook over your bathroom door.
  • Bathroom decor doesn’t have to be expensive; get creative! Scented candles can be expensive, but you’d be surprised just how easy they are to find at thrift stores. You could also collect some seashells from your next beach trip and display them in a glass vase. Get a vase or candle that matches your shower curtain and bath mat for a cohesive aesthetic!

Create a Charging Station

  • Install a USB wall outlet to create a built-in charging station for your bedroom, living room, or office. These outlets come in configurations to suit virtually any need, and allow for high-speed USB charging without the need for bulky AC adapters.
  • Clean up your charging station, entertainment center, or work desk with some handy cable ties! Tying cables together and hiding them can make your space looking cleaner, more stylish, and even more professional. Cable ties are usually inexpensive, but you can also save money by using items you already have, like twist-ties and hair bands.
  • Use pass-through wall plates to conceal excess cables and maintain a cleaner charging station. This tip is also great for cleaning up a computer desk or entertainment center – the pass-through wall plates allow you to run cables through the walls to keep them out of sight and out of mind. 

Kitchen Storage Upgrade

  • Easily transform upper kitchen cabinets into open shelving. Simply remove the cabinet doors, then paint the interiors for instant, built-in shelving.
  • Install a tension rod beneath the kitchen sink for easy storage of paper towels and cleaning supplies. You can also get magazine racks from the dollar store and use them beneath the sink for extra organization of spongest, scrubs, and solutions. 
  • Create a magnetized spice rack. This straightforward DIY is a great space-saver that you can install on a wall or on the inner-door of a kitchen cabinet. Not only does a magnetized spice rack free up space, but it also keeps all of your spices in a layout that makes each one easy to find.

Start a Fresh Herb Garden 

  • Find a creative way to utilize your space for growing herbs. Instead of wasting money on an expensive planter setup, you can repurpose an old pallet or ladder to create a vertically organized herb garden. This also puts your herbs on a beautiful display and keeps them easily accessible for harvesting.
  • Free up space by hanging the herb garden on the door of your garage or work shed. You can easily repurpose an old spice rack or a hanging shoe rack to keep your herbs compact, organized, and out of the way. 
  • Don’t have any outdoor space? That’s okay, you can also have an herb garden indoors. You can grow herbs in mason jars (or any other container you like), and keep them on your kitchen windowsill. If you want to save even more space, you could install an extra curtain rod near the kitchen window and use it to grow your herbs from hanging planters. This setup is particularly great because it can double as a drying rack for hanging your fresh herbs to dry!

Use the fresh start of spring to get a fresh start on your home projects. Whether you’re reorganizing an area in your home or transforming it into something entirely new, there is no time like the present. And don’t let costs deter you – revamping your home doesn’t have to be expensive. Use these DIY ideas as a springboard and see where your creativity (and your budget) can take you!

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