Gallium Nitride Power Delivery: Coming Soon to TG

Gallium Nitride Power Delivery: Coming Soon to TG

gallium nitride coming soon


Most major smartphone manufacturers stopped including a charging brick with new devices. So as consumers, we must choose to either use an old charging adapter or buy a new one separately. And sooner or later, we all end up having to buy one.
Sure, it’s easy enough to grab a cheap charging brick off of Amazon or from the nearest big-box retail store. Although you should notice as soon as you start shopping that not all chargers have the same specs. Different chargers have different ports and use different technologies. Do you want a charger with one USB port, or with several? How fast can it charge a single device versus two at once? Does it use compatibility-dependent fast-charging? And is the charging brick so bulky that it blocks access to other outlets?
Fortunately, the latest charging technology coming to TOPGREENER allows us to skip over most of these more detailed questions and instead jump straight to the best option: Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology. GaN chargers are capable of delivering higher quantities of power in a smaller sized package, allowing them to pack much more of a punch than conventional chargers.

What is GaN charging?


what is gallium nitride

GaN chargers are different from traditional chargers because they swap out the usually used silicon for gallium nitride. Silicon is traditionally the main material used for chip production, but it can be difficult for producers to work with due to its limitations. GaN, in contrast, is a transparent, crystalline material that allows electrical currents to travel through it quickly.
Generally, GaN is better at conducting a higher voltage over a longer time than silicone, which allows the device to provide high-speed charging in a compact casing. This better conductivity in turn leads to higher charging efficiency because GaN uses less energy to get the same output as silicon alternatives. GaN chargers boast higher voltage capacity and better heat resistance, and do it all in a more compact form than ever.

What GaN chargers are coming to TOPGREENER?


gallium nitride charging grommet

TOPGREENER is very excited to add GaN chargers to their line and provide more fast-charging options to their customers. The selection will include a circular desk grommet and an in-wall charging receptacle, both of which have ratings up to 60W for unrivaled, high-speed USB charging.
While the selection does not yet include any charging brick adapters, these powerful receptacles will bring more powerful in-wall charging to both residential and commercial locations. GaN technology allows these devices to provide high-speed charging to several devices simultaneously without sacrificing the charging speed or efficiency of any of their ports.
  • TTRP48APD60 – Desk Grommet
  • The 60W GaN desk grommet is a circular receptacle designed for installation on desktops, tables, and other unconventional outlet applications.
  • Each device includes two 15A outlets, two USB-A ports equipped with Qualcomm QuickCharge 3.0, and one USB-C Power Delivery port.
  • Perfect for office desks, kitchen countertops, bolted-down tables, coffee shops, waiting room lobbies, and more!
  • TU215QC3PD60 – Wall Outlet
  • The 60W GaN wall outlet replaces any standard wall switch or outlet with a state-of-the-art charging station.
  • Each device features two tamper-resistant 15A outlets, one USB-A port equipped with Qualcomm QuickCharge 3.0, and one USB-C Power Delivery port.
  • Perfect for dens, home theaters, game rooms, kitchen island counters, offices, bedrooms, guest rooms, living rooms, and so much more!

The Benefits of GaN Charging


gallium nitride charging benefits

Still on the fence? Let’s quickly recap the benefits of trading your conventional chargers for ones that use GaN technology:
  • Faster charging times for all USB devices
  • While devices that are compatible with QuickCharge and Power Delivery are still sure to get the fastest charging speeds, GaN provides faster charging than conventional silicon chargers for all USB devices.
  • USB ports are powerful enough to charge laptops and other large devices
  • Smaller size! GaN chargers can be denser and more compact than conventional chargers – this means your charging brick adapter doesn’t have to block an entire unused outlet anymore!

Some Things to Keep in Mind

  • Cables matter! A low quality charging cable is going to charge your device slower regardless of how good the charger itself is
  • QuickCharge 3.0 and Power Delivery are technologies that need compatibility. Make sure your device is compatible with the appropriate technology to maximize charging speeds and efficiency. If your device isn’t compatible, don’t worry! The QC and PD ports still charge non-compatible devices as fast as the device will allow, which is still going to be better than a conventional charger
  • Most USB ports are for small devices only – If you want to power your laptop or another large device using the USB ports, make sure to check the charger’s specifications to ensure that the specific charger is going to meet the power needs of your specific computer

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