National Decorating Month 2022

National Decorating Month 2022

National Decorating Month Heading

In line with the spring cleaning that most of us have underway, April is National Decorating Month! While clearing your home of clutter, take this opportunity to brighten up your home as well—in big ways and small.
Whether you want to makeover your whole living room or add a new piece of wall art, decorating is a way to personalize your home and make it feel like it’s yours. Changes don’t have to be drastic or expensive either! In fact, small details are often what pull a room together and create the cohesive look that we all find so appealing.

Not sure how to achieve the popular aesthetic you’ve seen on Pinterest or dreamed up in your head? Check out these decorating ideas to keep your home décor on-trend in 2022:


The Modern Home

Modern interior design is a broad category of design that trades traditional furniture for industrial materials and more practical styles. Modern homes decorated with clean lines and geometric forms promote stylish functionality. Here are some design tips to help give your home a more modern feeling:

  • Shop for industrial style furniture or DIY some of your own! Shelves and lighting fixtures that combine woods and metals can help your home feel both stylish and practical.
  • Select simple decorations with clean lines and geometric shapes. Triangular shelves make amazing statement pieces and are affordable on websites like Amazon. When bringing a new piece into your home, consider how its shape will look with the rest of the items in the room. Sticking to similar shapes throughout a room design can make a subtle, yet powerful impact.
  • Go with monochromatic color schemes for each room. You can create a cohesive look with colored light switches, wall plates, and outlet receptacles. TOPGREENER offers most of their devices in a full range of colors to match almost any home.


The Minimalist Home

A very minimal arrangement of couches and chairs all with gray accent

Minimalism is a type of modern home design, but what sets it apart is an emphasis on simplicity. In a minimalist home, less is always more, and quality is always more important than quantity. Minimalist homes feature décor with white and neutral colors, and feature negative space as a key part of their aesthetic. You won’t find any clutter in a minimalist home, and instead you’ll feel lots of room to breathe. Going minimalist can be hard, but it’s okay to ease into it! Try these tips:

  • Invest in stylish forms of storage — rather than crowding tabletops and bookshelves, find furniture you love that you can store your belongings out of sight. Cabinets, dressers, and ottomans can be as fashionable as they are functional, and they can help free up space in any location.
  • Clean up cables and plugs by installing recessed receptacles or pass-through wall plates. These handy devices are easy to install, and they can conceal messy cable setups for a crisp, clean appearance. These are perfect for entertainment centers and office setups, especially if you have any mounted monitors or if you’re running cables through several rooms.
  • Create a charging station to help free up space. USB wall outlets bring adapter-free charging to any home, allowing you to ditch your bulky adapters and keep plugged-in devices organized. Charger outlets feature a clean, minimal interface encourage easy device organization.


The Rustic Home

A traditional rustic looking dining room

The classic example of rustic home design is the farmhouse aesthetic. Rustic homes have a warm and cozy quality to them, often with furniture that looks natural, rough, and aged. Rustic homes generally feature lots of wooden furnishings, a variety of natural textures, and industrial metal accents. If you need help giving your home more of a rustic aesthetic, try some of these tips:
  • Layer textiles to add depth and get that cozy feeling. Incorporate lots of curtains, rugs, throw blankets, and pillows in differing textures. Sometimes achieving a rustic look can be as easy as adding a layer or two.
  • Embrace secondhand furniture and decorations! Rustic décor has a worn-down, lived-in quality to it, and there is no better way to achieve an authentic worn-down look than with vintage, thrifted items. You will have the best luck if you frequent local thrift stores, antique shops, and even swap meets. Finding the perfect rustic décor can be a tedious job, but if you take your time and enjoy the process, you will be blown away by what you might find!
  • Use nature for your inspiration. While house plants look good in any style of home, rustic décor sometimes takes it a step further by incorporating nature motifs. Choose decorations that feature foliage or botanical imagery. Combining floral patterns with warm, natural colors can be an easy shortcut to making your home feel like a cozy country cottage in no time at all.


The Glamorous Home

A luxurious looking living room

A glamorous home aesthetic should evoke visions of old Hollywood and a feeling of lavish luxury. The glamorous home is extravagant yet balanced, with ornate décor pieces, high-shine lacquered finishes, and rich textured fabrics. The glamor aesthetic allows for eccentric self-expression in a more minimal and controlled way. The best part of giving your home a Hollywood glam look is that it only has to look expensive, and there are lots of ways to achieve a lavish look without breaking the bank. To add some glamour to your home, try these out:
  • Select a minimal, yet eccentric color scheme. More luxurious aesthetics often stick to 3 colors – one metallic, one neutral, and one accent color. This creates a sophisticated look while still allowing your freedom of expression to make the décor pop!
  • Install extravagant lighting fixtures. Chandeliers are often the first lavish lighting to come to mind, but you can get creative with your glam! Thrift stores and antique shops are great places to find vintage lamps and other unique décor that can give your home that expensive, luxurious feeling. To step it up the glam even more, install a dimmer light switch in your home so that the mood lighting is always right.
  • Make sure that even the smallest details fit your Hollywood glam theme. Install matching outlet receptacles and light switches to get a cohesive look throughout your space. The Reve collection from Enerlites includes several switches, outlets, and wall plates in their full range of colors; designs to promote a luxury style and are available in colors such as gold, silver, and nickel.

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