Ceiling Mounted Line Voltage PIR Motion Sensor, 800 sq. ft Range


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• Adjustable settings

• 800 sq. ft coverage

• For ceiling H of 8ft-10ft

• Incandescent: 800W @120VAC; Fluorescent: 800VA @120VAC, 1200VA @277VAC; Motor: 1/4 HP @120VAC

• Operating temperature (32 – 131°F)

• UL listed, neutral wire required

Commercial Grade Line Voltage 360° PIR Ceiling Sensor

Commercial-grade 360-degree passive infrared ceiling mount occupancy sensor with motion detection. The ceiling sensor switch automatically turns lights ON/OFF when motion is detected.


This ceiling-mounted motion sensor detects infrared movement in an 800sq. ft. area. The umbrella radius for detection is 22 feet.

Multi-Level Fresnel Lens

This ceiling-mounted motion sensor is equipped with a multi-level Fresnel lens that allows for detection to be collimated from a 360-degree angle.

Lighting Compatibility

This motion sensor powers lighting 800W @ 120VAC, 50/60Hz. It is compatible with fluorescent light bulbs, incandescent light bulbs.

Adjustable Settings

This occupancy motion sensor has custom time delay options adjustable from 15 seconds up to 30 minutes. It also has Illuminance settings from 10FC-150FC.


Line voltage ceiling sensors reduce the cost of installation for lighting fixtures products. The adjustable settings offer an effective way to conserve energy by turning off lights when a room is vacant for a specified amount of time.

Commercial or Residential use

Ideal for businesses that need a cost-effective way to become more energy efficient. It is also great for homes in hallways, closets, garages, storage sheds, other household spaces.

Technical Specifications

Voltage 120-277 VAC, 60Hz
Coverage 800 sq. ft at 360 degrees field of view
Time Delay 5 Secs to 30 Mins
Motor 1/4HP, 120VAC, 60H
Operating Temperature 32 to 131 Fahrenheit (0 to 55 Degrees Celsius)
Sensor Adjustments Light Level: 10FC-150FC
Lens Multi-level, 360 Degrees Fresnel
Installation 8-10 feet
Power Supply Incandescent: 800W @ 120VAC, 60Hz, Fluorescent: 800VA @ 120VAC/ 1600VA @ 277VAC
Certifications & Compliance UL Listed
Weight 13.2 oz
Dimensions 5.1 × 4.3 × 4.4 in


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