TOPGREENER Smart Scene Controller (TGWFSC8)

TOPGREENER Smart Scene Controller (TGWFSC8)

Have you ever wished you could create the perfect ambiance at the press of a button? Imagine a full control pad for the appliances in your home, with a different button for every occasion—dinner dates, movie nights, or even your morning wake-up routine. Well, what if we told you that dream is more attainable than you think? In fact, if you have multiple smart devices in your home already, it might be time to take control to the next level with an in-wall scene controller.


A scene controller is a smart switch that takes your home automation to the next level. These modern control panels are compact enough to replace a standard light switch, and they feature customizable buttons that can be programmed to your custom “scenes.” 


The TGWFSC8 scene controller from Top Greener is a new device with a clean interface and 8 operation buttons. Let’s take a closer look at what a scene controller is and how it works so that you can better determine if this device would be a good fit for you.


What does it do?

A scene controller is smart home light switch that offers customized control of multiple smart devices simultaneously. Through a mobile app, users can easily group together the smart devices in their home to create custom “scenes.” The devices don’t even have to be in the same room as each other! This really expands the potential for your customized “scenes” and makes it easy to control all of your smart devices from one central location.

Using a scene controller is particularly great for dimmable lights. Want to find that perfect lighting level with ease, every time? Simply save the setting to one of the buttons on your scene controller and setting the mood will become effortless. And scenes aren’t limited to just the lights! If you have appliances like an air conditioner or coffee machine plugged into your smart receptacles, you can include those in your scenes as well. The scene controller allows you to create the ideal ambiance for any occasion–and then save it for repeated use.


How does it work?

Like other smart home devices from TOPGREEER, the scene controller requires a stable, wireless 2.4 GHz network connection for operation. The switch uses this internet connection to connect with the TOPGREENER mobile app as well as the other smart devices in your home. The TOPGREENER app is available on both iOS and Android (Android 4.1 / iOS 8 or higher required), but you can also use the SmartLife app if you already use it for your other smart home devices.

The device features eight user-friendly press-buttons, seven of which can be programmed with your customized scenes via the mobile app. The eighth button is a manual ON/OFF switch, which is used to control the connected load. Once you have programmed and set scenes to each of the buttons, you can easily control the smart devices throughout your home all from this central control panel.


What does it work with?

The TGWFSC8 is designed for use with both TOPGREENER and ENERLITES smart devices, as well as a variety of smart devices from other brands. If your device is compatible with the Smart Life mobile app, then it will be compatible with the TOPGREENER scene controller. In fact, depending on the type of smart devices you have already, you may choose to operate your devices with either the TOPGREENER or Smart Life apps—just make sure that all of your devices are connected to the same app in order for things to run smoothly. Regardless of whether you use the TOPGREENER or Smart Life app, all of your devices must be set up in the same app in order to group them together for scenes. The mobile app makes programming easy, and it even allows you to use your phone as a remote control from any location.


Oh, and if you like using voice commands you will be pleased to learn that the scene controller is also compatible with Alexa and Google Assitant for even more convenience.


How do you set it up?

If you have a smartphone that runs at least Android 4.1 or iOS 8, then setting up your scene controller will be a breeze! 


  1. First thing’s first, make sure that your mobile device and scene controller are connected to the same internet network. 


  1. Then if you haven’t already, go ahead and download the TOPGREENER app (or Smart Life app) from your smartphone’s app store.


  1. Once installed, open up the app and follow the on-screen directions to register and log in. 


  1. Tap either the “+” symbol in the upper-right-hand corner of the app or the “Add Device” button to start connecting your scene controller. The app will then walk you through step-by-step instructions to connect your scene controller as well as any other smart devices you have installed in your home.


Note: Make sure to do this initial setup with the wall switch nearby, as you will have to press buttons on the switch in order to complete setup. 


Once all devices are connected to the TOPGREENER app via WiFi, you’re good to go—you can start programming and creating scenes right from the app!


What products out there are similar?

Though there are countless different smart switches and devices on the market today, few compare to the customizability TOPGREENER scene controller. There are a few other brands that offer 4-button scene controller switches, but the 8-button interface is unique to the TGWFSC8 device only. To learn more about the TOPGREENER scene controller, check out this video.

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