Humidity Sensor Switch

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• Sensor switch detects excess humidity and automatically turns the ventilation fan on; perfect for high humidity locations such as the bathroom, laundry room, basement, etc.

• Humidity control switch turns fan ON automatically when moisture levels exceed preset level and turns it OFF after levels drop; eliminates excess humidity; prevents mildew and mold

• Humidity sensor features three levels to choose from (low, medium, high) to suit specific ventilation needs of the room

• Time delay of 30 minutes; features a manual ON/OFF switch to bypass the humidity sensor

• NEUTRAL WIRE REQUIRED; single-pole use only; 120VAC; 3A maximum fan load; 45%-80% humidity range; 1-year warranty; UL-Listed

Humidity Sensor Switch, Air Moisture Detection for Ventilation Fan

The TOPGREENER TDHS5 is a bathroom fan switch that automatically controls the ventilation fan to reduce humidity. Bathroom fans are essential to get rid of condensation after a shower and to prevent the growth of bacteria. However, it is easy to forget about the fan and leave it running all day. This wastes energy and could cause an electrical fire. With the TDHS5, you will never have to worry about leaving the fan on again.

The humidity sensor switch works by detecting the levels of moisture in the air. Specific moisture levels will trigger the fan to automatically turn on or off so that your restroom receives proper ventilation. Once the humidity switch has turned it on, the ventilation fan will continue to operate for 30 minutes or until the humidity in the room has reduced to a more comfortable level.

The switch also features a manual button that allows you to turn the fan on and off at-will. In addition to bathrooms, the humidity sensor switch is ideal for laundry rooms, spas, or any other room with high humidity levels. The TDHS5 bathroom humidity switch replaces any light switch or receptacle outlet to help make your space more comfortable and energy-efficient. A neutral wire is required for installation. This wall switch is for single-pole use only. This product is UL listed and includes a one-year warranty.

Pair with a screwless or standard decorator wall plate.

Technical Specifications

Sensor Technology Automatically turns ventilation fan on and off according to humidity
Special Features Manual ON/OFF switch bypasses sensor
Poles Single-pole use only
Weight 6.6 oz
Dimensions 4.3 × 3 × 2.2 in

1 review for Humidity Sensor Switch

  1. JKM

    Great Product! The sensor automatically controls our bathroom exhaust fan so humidity levels stay in check. Eliminates the need to manually turn the fan on or off. Great for those people who forget to turn the fan on when showering!

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