TG x The Inventory: Amazon USB Outlet Deal


TG x The Inventory: Amazon USB Outlet Deal


Topgreener is proud to collaborate with The Inventory to announce our latest deal for this USB outlet which supports both USB-A and USB-C cables. Say goodbye to bulky charging adapters and simply plug your USB-A and USB-C cables into the wall outlet.


Make your way to Amazon and snag a 30W high-speed replacement outlet, equipped with both USB-A and USB-C ports, for just $28.50 after applying the 5% discount available on the page. Or, grab a set of six replacement outlets at a steal for $59—that’s under $10 for each.


These advanced outlets enable you to power up your smartphones, tablets, or any USB-powered gadgets without occupying an entire socket. The 30W outlet can power up a laptop or get an iPhone 14 to 60-75% within half an hour. 


Setting them up is a breeze, and they’re designed to fit conventional in-wall outlet spaces. Once you’ve upgraded six of your traditional outlets with these, you’ll question why they aren’t the standard in new residences.


Check out The Inventory article here.

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